How important is SOP (Standard operating Procedure)?

SOP (Standard operating Procedure)  is a set of instructions and guidelines for working or can also be called a process for working in an organization. Likewise, SOP will perform the duties of specifying Various standards in the organization have been established, whether it be routine work, performance measurement, quality control, and many others. This will make it step by step more systematic and orderly. It also defines positions for each person and who is who. What must be done? This duty. Who will take care of it? etc.

This system is considered the first and most important thing that occurs at the top of the organization’s work. It is indispensable and also helps strengthen the stability of various systems in the organization.


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What is SOP

SOP (Standard operating Procedure) is a process that arranges the standards of the organization to meet the needs of service providers and is also a system that helps make the work of the resource department. It is getting easier step by step. Every company cannot live without it because it is the first thing that must have and be made standard according to the procedures in the organization.

In other words, an SOP can be a document or walkthrough. Performing various tasks in the same way So that work in the organization is in accordance with the order of work. together correctly Going in the same direction. Moreover, this management process It also clearly specifies the line of work or duties that should be performed. and can continue to improve and develop as appropriate for each department in the organization

The main purpose of SOP is to control Working within the organization reduces the chance of making mistakes and can also be used as a guideline for the organization, such as work procedures in the organization or guidelines. In the work itself


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Importance and benefits of SOP

The importance of SOP (Standard operating Procedure) is that this system can manage various tasks and processes in the organization very well. As a result, many organizations attach great importance to this matter. Therefore, let’s take a look at the benefits of SOP and what they are.

  • Preventing errors in communication Each organization There will be a lot of personnel working and as a result, the assignment of various tasks will be determined in order and the SOP will be a model that everyone in the organization adheres to.
  • Control the efficiency of work The SOP system has already calculated that Work process What is each format like? and everyone in the organization must follow To get quality work
  • Create standards. In work Standards are considered important, and SOPs clearly specify work and duties, which will increase work efficiency.

Therefore, we cannot deny that the operation of SOP has a great effect on standardization in the organization. And it also helps make the system better.

Main components of SOP

An SOP has a few main components. Because it is a standard systematization process But there is quite a bit of importance. As for the various components, they are as follows:

  • Setting the Purpose The SOP system will clearly specify the purpose of the work, both the goals and the problems to be solved.
  • Specify the steps. Of course, the SOP  will clearly state its purpose. To be able to succeed It will be divided into steps in sequence for easy understanding.
  • Has a range of duties. Scope And the work duties in the SOP system will be clearly divided. Do not interfere with each other.
  • Taking responsibility Every job has responsibilities and SOPs define them. for personnel in that organization Work together smoothly and must have both supervisors and those who actually do the work

The main components of SOP will affect the work. There is more orderliness. It also easily creates standards in the organization, so everyone’s duties will be easier and smoothly managed.



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