Library for displaying general content that can be created into categories It consists of 3 types of content: Article (article), Sound (MP3 audio clip) and Video (MP4).

Lesson Learn is an article that has been learned from past experiences. To convey to personnel in the organization to learn and apply in the future.

Assignment Course shows the course that is assigned to watch the Video to enhance the specific potential of the personnel.

Community Ask questions and receive answers from experts on an individual basis. Including showing frequently asked questions or interesting to other people in the organization.

Event shows activities for employees to register to attend.

Feedback or various feedback for the organization to be informed

Banner and link to open related websites

User Activity Report is a daily user activity report.

Usage Metrics is a report showing the number of views of each content.

User View Report is a report showing the number of views of each person’s content.

Requested User Report is a summary report of employee views on requested content.

Assignment Course Report is a report summarizing course visits of assigned employees.

User Management is the management of creating/editing users. and set permissions for access